Personal Projects

May 2022

This project aims to reproduce the CAT702 security chip as found on the ZN-2 arcade board. It uses an FPGA chip.

This is a side project from the CPS reverse engineering project where the goal was to reverse also the multiple custom chips on those arcade boards.

As part of the FGC, I was confronted at the input lag problem in games and decided to conduct my own research on the topic. This eventually lead to the creation of the website which compiled all the results of this research.

The dream goal of this project is to lay out the full schematics of all the CPS2 arcade boards. For years, CPS2 held its secrets but it has prevented arcade collectors to preserve their board in their prime glory.

June 2018

sfvfile is another side project from sfvsim, it allows to load the Street Fighter V data in a native C++ library. It also contains a python-bindings.

January 2018

sfvdiff is a side project from sfvsim which allows anyone to explore the Street Fighter V data. It displays the delta between two versions, used in patch exploring.

sfvsim is a simulator which tries to mimic the behaviour of Street Fighter V.

kofbox display hitboxes inside King of Fighter XIV.

SF5DInput adds direct input support to Street Fighter V. This project was made in collaboration with dantarion another great FGC reverse-engineer.

antitimer is a save-tracker for speedrunning antichamber. It allows you to automatically track your time and your percentage of completion.